Underbust Strapless Black Corset


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This waist trainer is perfect for anyone wanting to slim down their waist. Wear this relaxing at home or when exercising to speed up the slimming of your waist. This corset can also be worn under clothing to give the allusion of a smaller waist.


-Instantly reduces waistline
-Offers back support and a better posture
-Hourglass shape can be achieved
-Can be worn underneath your clothes
-25 Steel spiral Bones
-Latex Material

Optimized Design
25 flexible and durable flexi-steel bones to provide support without inhibiting movement. This corset has a 100% Natural Latex covering, with a combined cotton (96%) and spandex (4%) lining, 3 hook-and-eye closures for flexible sizing. Longer in the front and shorter in the back for maximum comfort while sitting down.

Fat Burn & Weight Loss
If you are in the gym, at work or outdoors, this waist trimmer can help promote blood circulation, which increases the temperature of your waist and abdomen, which in turn accelerates sweating and fat burning. This means you metabolize faster, giving you the dual effect of doing exercise and sitting in a sauna.

This can also be used as a postpartum belly wrap which can assist in tightening your waist and abdominal muscles to make them stronger after your pregnancy.

Protect the Spine & Reduces Back Pain
This waist trainer effectively assists in protecting the spine. It could help prevent or correct hunchback, as well as helping improve overall posture. This will aid in significantly decreasing back pain.

For Everyday Use
This corset can be used whether it be for weight loss, any type of exercise, driving, home or office work as well as postpartum recovery. The flat seam design ensures that this corset can be worn for any occasion and not be visible.

This corset can be used to protect core muscle groups and reduce the risk of injury during training or as a means to look slimmer in a chosen outfit for any occasion.

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