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In life you are always asked to lend a hand and it’s a good thing too. So, it’s probably a great idea to have a bunch of extra hands around all the time.

Here’s a crazy twist on the finger puppet! A hand puppet for your finger! Finger hands are the little hands that go hand in hand with your hand. These irresistible soft plastic finger puppets fit snugly on the end of your finger and look like a tiny human hand. Prepare to give teeny sarcastic applause, play miniature peek-a-boo and give high twenty-fives!!!

-Includes 5 Mini Hands
-Each Mini Hand 5.9cm Tall
-Fits Most Fingers
-Made from High-Quality Rubber

Let the Fun Begin
The Tiny hands can be attached to your fingers and can be used for a variety of things like stand-up shows, comic shows, gigs, gags, stunts, pretend plays, Halloween costumes, or even to just have fun with your friends. Whatever the occasion, whenever the time.

Convenient and Easy to Use
These realistic tiny hands can be used by everyone, both adults and children. Just place them on your fingers and everyone will be tricked, amazed, and a little frightened of your freaky little hands. As tiny as they are, they’ll ensure big laughs from your friends and family. Small hands, big impact!

Suitable and Safe
Each finger is about 5.9- 6.2 cm tall and diameter of the hole is about 2.2 cm meaning that it is suitable for almost all finger sizes to use. The design allows your fingers to cling inside the hole easily and without hassle. The product is made of eco-friendly PVC rubber material that can be safely used on a daily basis without causing harm.

High-quality materials
These mini fingers and hands are made from a high-quality, durable rubber that is both skin-friendly and non-toxic. It will not easily tear and is made to last.

Ultra-Realistic Design
Unlike similar products on the market, this mini hand design has an exceedingly realistic human hand shape with accurate attention to detail. From the nails, to the knuckles and natural wrinkles, these hands perfectly replicate human designs!

Pack Of 5
Package includes five finger hands. Stay prepared, and relaxed, knowing you’ll always have an extra hand, at hand! Whether you lose a hand, or want an extra set for some on-the-spot pranks, they are right there for you!

Perfect for Any Practical Joke
There’s nothing overly hilarious about a person’s hands, until of course, you realize they’re five times smaller than their bodies! Our tiny hands all have five fingers and are 5.9-6.2cm long. They’ll certainly look like a little version of your hands, except funnier!

Material: Rubber (Non toxic)
Size: 5.9-6.2 cm tall
Colour: Flesh / Nude
(Please note that colour may vary from the pictures provided)

What’s in the box?
5x Mini Human Hands

Please Note
1.This product should not be eaten or chewed upon
2. Children should be supervised when playing with them
3.Only suitable for children older than 13 years

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