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Do you live an active life where you constantly have to take off your wedding ring? Here is your comfortable and stylish alternative that will protect your finger. 

Why Enduring?

Pack of 3 Elegant Rings:
– Enduring comes in a pack of three different colour rings to suit your mood, enclosed in an elegant box.
– The rings have a lightweight design with ultra-smooth edges.

Finest Silicone:
– Enduring uses only pure medical grade quality silicone.
– This ensures optimum comfort with a soft, smooth, and pliable fit with no hard edges.
– It is hypoallergenic, nonconductive, and non-porous so you’re safe, secure, and able to conveniently wear and wash without issue throughout your work day or excursion.

– The proprietary silicone blend withstands the toughest weather conditions without cracking or drying out.
– Each ring breaks away at 20kg of pressure for safety.
– Heat resistance is rated up to 200 degrees Celsius without melting or distorting its shape.
– Dirt, oil, and paint will wash off with ease.

– Wedding bands pose a serious risk of irreversible “ring avulsion” or tearing of the soft tissue which can cause partial or total loss of a finger.
– People that work with their hands are at an increased risk for this type of injury.
– Our rings are manufactured with high-grade silicone providing comfort and safety.
– Enduring Rings are safe to wear around machinery, can be worn with gloves, and won’t easily slip off.
– Could one just not wear a ring at work? Of course. But, a wedding ring is a public statement of your commitment to your partner

Lifetime Warranty:
– Each Enduring Ring comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.
– If your ring suffers damage or breaks, take advantage of our free replacement forever policy.
– You will never have to buy another ring.

Who would need to wear a silicone ring?
– Sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts: Lightweight and comfortable when training
– New Parents: Will not scratch or pinch your new baby
– Chefs: Hygienic, safe and easy to clean
– Attorneys, airport staff, security personnel: No need to take them off when passing metal detectors
– Gardening: Easy to clean
– Mechanics: Reduces risk ring avulsion risk, easier to clean
– Woodworkers: Safer when working with rotating machinery
– Guitar players: Does not make a noise on plugged in instruments, nor does it damage the headstock
– Pregnant women: Much more comfortable with those swelling fingers!

– True to Size according to the National Jewellers Industry Standard.
– To ensure a proper fit, your silicone ring should be able to spin on your finger, and yet not fall off when you shake your hand.
– Measure inside ring for diameter.

– Size 10 = 19.8mm = Size T 1/2
– Size 11 = 20.6mm = Size V 1/2
– Size 12 = 21.4mm = Size X 1/2

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