Reusable Nail Polish Remover Soaker Covers – 10 Pieces


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Easy to Use – This nail polish remover device is easy to operate and can easily be opened and closed. Simply apply acetone via a cotton swab directly onto the nail and use the device to secure it in place on the nail.

Sufficient Pressure – Appropriate pressure is applied to keep these clips on your nails and assist in removing nail polish, gel or even acrylic.

Suitable for all Ages – This nail cleaning tool is suitable for manual nail polish, gel or acrylic removal and is an ideal choice for a woman of any age wanting a comprehensive nail kit.

Versatility – Suitable for professional and personal use; these soaking covers are suitable for removing nail polish, ultraviolet gel and acrylic.


    1. Apply an acetone-soaked cotton pad onto the desired nail.

    1. Use this clip by applying it to the finger to secure the cotton pad.

    1. Wait 5-20 minutes depending on the product used (polish, gel or acrylic)

    1. Reapply if necessary



  • Size: +- 2 x 5 cm Spring: Metal Material: Plastic

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10x Styleberry Reusable Nail Polish Remover Clips

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