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StyleberryPortable Electronic Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner


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To avoid build-up of germs, professionals recommend cleaning your makeup brushes once a week. The problem is, traditional cleaning methods are messy, laborious and can leave brushes wet and unusable for up to 24 hours.

This is where the Styleberry Makeup Brush cleaner can help!

Product Features
-The makeup brush cleaner cleans, dries and is ready to re-use in just 30 seconds
-Prevent breakouts and blemishes by maintaining clean brushes
-Maximize the effectiveness of your makeup by preventing product build up on brushes which can lead to streaking in your foundation application and blotching of creams and powders
-Silicone collars will fit most makeup brushes on the market
-8 Rubber holders included to fit almost any brush
-Batteries not included

Why buy an electric brush cleaner?

1. Makeup brushes should be cleaned at least once per week.
2. These cleaners are designed to not only remove old makeup, but bacteria, oil, dirt, and dead skin as well.
3. A dirty brush can seriously damage your skin and lead to breakouts
4.With cleaner makeup brushes, removing makeup residue and germs from your brushes is quick, clean, and efficient.
5. This brush cleaner could clean and dry your brushes in seconds with the high rotating speed and you will save time instead of cleaning them manually.

How to Use it?
1. Select the right silicone holder your brush and then connect it to the spinner
2. Add liquid soap and some water into the bowl
3. Insert the makeup bristles (connected to the spinner) and press start key
4. Repeat the process until the water is clean.
5. Spin the bristles if necessary in a sink, bath or outside to remove excess water.

Colour: Black and Rose Gold
Material: Silica Gel (Food grade), PET & ABS (Eco-Friendly)
Package Size: 15 x 14 x 10 cm
Battery Requirement: 2 x AAA batteries (NOT included)

What’s in the box
1x Brush Spinner
1x Brush Spinner Bowl
8x Silicone Holders (different sizes)
1x Collar Stand
1x User Manual



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