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LinxurePack of 3 Fitbit Versa Scratch Resistant Glass Screen Protectors


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Set your mind at rest and go swimming, running, climbing, cycling and hiking with your Fitbit Versa while being fully protected.

Product Features:

Great Protection

9H hardness tempered glass screen protector for Fitbit Versa watch. The screen protector consists of multilayers. It keeps your Fitbit Versa away from getting scratched, fingerprints and getting damaged. Your Fitbit Versa will be safer during your fitness.

Bubble Free

The hard tempered glass screen protector will stick to the screen seamlessly. Unlike those soft plastic protectors, this needs no experience of applying it. You can apply this protector without it bubbling.

Special Adhesive

The special adhesive gives it the ability to keep itself in place in water so that you can still use your Fitbit Versa when you go swimming or when you shower. If you want to remove it for a new protector, simply peel it off from the edge and with no residue.

See and Touch Better

The tempered glass protector has much higher clarity; light transmittance is 99%. You can see the screen clearly, and it maintains the touch sensitivity of the Versa screen. It protects your Fitbit Versa, but you will barely notice it.

3 Screen Protectors

One purchase, three times protection, you have two backup glass protectors in the rare case of one being damaged.

Package includes:

3x Tempered Glass Protectors
3x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
3x Guide Sticker
3x Dust Removal Sticker



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