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AvantreeOpera Wireless TV Headphone Set


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Long Range Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone, Transmitter & Charging Dock, Low Latency & Sound Enhanced

The Avantree Opera is our latest headphone-transmitter combo that is a one-stop-shop solution -easy to use, with plug & play support that has a convenient pass-through feature and long operating range. Additional features include 3 EQ modes and a convenient button for muting TV Ads.

✔️ Low latency
✔️ 3 EQ settings
✔️ Volume boost
✔️ Comfortable fit
✔️ Extended range
✔️ Pass-through support

Perfect for Watching TV
Ideal for watching TV, movies and gaming, these headphones deliver high quality sound in perfect synchronization with on screen video. The transmitter also features dual link technology, allowing you to add a second pair of headphones so you can share your listening experience.
(Please Note: To ensure there’s no audio delay, 2nd set of headphones must also support the FastStream codec).

Enhanced Sound According to your TV Programs
Enhance and emphasize specific sounds of the audio for your favourite TV programs. Choose from 3 different equalizer pre-sets to emphasize speech for dialogue-driven programs, music for a balanced sound or an extra burst of bass for programs with special effects.

Turn Up the Volume
Whether you’re hard of hearing or in need of watching TV at higher volume, these over-the-ear headphones allow you to turn up the volume without disturbing others. Ideal for those with hearing impaired users and their families. A great solution for watching TV at night without disturbing sleeping children or the neighbours!

Comfortable & Lightweight
These headphones are designed with an adjustable headband, swivelling earcups, incredibly soft plush protein leather earpads which are structurally lightweight while still being exceptionally durable. Remain comfortable for extended periods of use.

Extended Range
Featuring Bluetooth Class 1 technology, the Opera has a working range of up to 164ft/50m. This gives you the ability to roam around the house freely while still maintaining a stable connection with your transmitter.
(Please Note: The working range of the Opera can be affected by physical obstructions or wireless interference)

Use Your Headphones While Others Use an External Speaker
Audio bypass – why is this useful? For starters, many TVs only have one optical output – if this is being used by an audio device (like a soundbar) it’s often difficult to connect another device. The Opera however, can be connected between your soundbar and TV, allowing you play audio from the soundbar and stream to your headphones simultaneously! This is a great way to enjoy TV together even if a person has hearing difficulties as the headphones and soundbar volumes can be adjusted independently.

Easy to Charge with Extended Play Time
Simply place the headphones back onto the charging stand with built-in transmitter to recharge after use. Unlike many 2.4GHz headphone sets on the market, the Opera is designed for all day use. Featuring an extended long-lasting battery for up to 35 hours of play time.

Easy 1-Click Mute for TV Ads
Temporarily mute the audio from the headphones during commercial breaks with the flip of a switch, then toggle it back on again when your TV program resumes.

Mic Input Support
So, your TV doesn’t have any working audio ports or they’re just too hard to reach? Not a problem, the Opera even supports a mic input – this means even if your TV audio ports are inaccessible or unavailable, it can pick up the audio from your TV speakers and stream it to the headphones.

Works with all TVs
The Opera can work with your TV, whether it’s brand new or an older dated model. It’s universally compatible with any TV that has optical, AUX/3.5mm or RCA audio output ports.

-Specifications for transmitter
-Bluetooth version: V5.0
-Bluetooth profiles: HSP v1.2, HFP v1.7, AVRCP v1.0, A2DP v1.3.1
-Audio codec support: aptX-LL, aptX, FastStream, SBC
-Operating range: Class 1, up to 164ft/50m

Specifications for headphone:
-Bluetooth version: V5.0
-Bluetooth profiles: HSP v1.2, HFP v1.6, A2DP v1.4, AVRCP v1.2
-Audio codec support: FastStream, SBC
-Operating time: up to 35 hours play time

What’s in the box:
1x Transmitter/charging dock
1x Headphone
1x Power cable
1x Optical audio cable
1x 3.5mm audio cable
1x 3.5mm to RCA audio cable
1x Wired microphone

Weight 1.14 kg


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