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Nail Art Toolkit


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Why not add uniqueness, dimension and colour to any nail design. Ideal for any nail enthusiast as this kit can be used to create a variety of designs with rhinestones, foils or manipulating the nail polish with the included tools into a desired pattern or shape.

-Suitable for natural or false nails
-Brushes suitable for blending, side loading and getting into tight areas
-Easy to handle
-Perfect for professional and home use
-15 Nail Art Brushes
-2 Rhinestone Divider Pots
-5 Dotting Pens
-12 Foil Flake Pots

Nail Art Brushes
This set includes the following brushes: 2 drawing brushes, 1 line brush, 1 petal brush, 3 setting brushes, 3 oblique setting brushes, 1 drilling brush, 2 fan-shaped brushes, 1 elbow brush and 1 depicting brush.
Please Note:
One of the brushes (Elbow Brush) is designed to be bent – it is not defective.

Multi-Coloured Rhinestones
This set is made up of 1200 rhinestones split between 12 different colours and 2 different sizes – 1.5mm and 2mm. There are 2 divider wheels with the 1.5mm pieces in 12 different colours (55 units per colour)and the 2mm pieces in 12 different colours (45 units per colour)

Dotting Pens
Included in this set is 5 double sided dotting pens for your creativity.
Pink: 1.5 / 1mm
Green: 3 / 1.5mm
Blue: 2.6 / 1.5mm
White: 2.1 / 1.5mm
Orange: 1.5 / 1.2mm

Foil Flakes
This kit offers 12 small pots of various foil flake colours. Use them with the rhinestones or by themselves.

What’s in the box:
15x Nail Art Brushes
2x Rhinestone Divider Pots
5x Dotting Pens
12x Foil Flake Pots



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