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Multi-functional Wall-mounted Broom and Accessories Organiser


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The Maisonware multi-functional wall-mounted broom holder is perfect for use in your kitchen, garden shed or garage. No more messy rooms or loose items lying around; organise and store all your accessories for easy accessibility.

-Holds brooms, mops, garden tools and accessories
-Water-resistant and rust-proof
-Mounts to the wall to keep tools stored and easily accessible
-Great for laundry and utility rooms, garages, bathrooms, and outdoors
-Made from high-quality, lightweight, and durable metal

-Four metal hooks hold up to 4.5kgs each and are perfect for brushes, rags, and other cleaning accessories
-Four spring-loaded slots hold up to 2.2kgs each and are perfect for brooms, mops, gardening supplies or tools
-The spring-loaded slots feature rubber grips that hold tool handles securely to keep them firmly in place

How to install:
-Mark the position of the holes on the wall where the holder will be hung
-Drill the corresponding holes and insert the plastic plugs
-Place the holder on the wall and insert and tighten the screws
-Ensure the holder is secure before hanging accessories

How to use:
-Insert the handle from below by raising it upwards between the mechanism and bringing it back down again
-The gripping roller automatically adjusts to the handles thickness, holding it securely in place
-To remove, lift the handle of the tool upwards, the roller will release the handle, and you can pull the tool directly towards you to remove it

Size: 500 x 45 x 54mm and holds handles up to 30mm wide
Manufacturer’s suggested maximum weight: 18kgs

What’s in the box
1x Wall-mount
4x metal hooks
4x spring-loaded slots
2x rubber edges
2x screws

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