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Mosquitio Repellent Killer – Basic Version


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The Mijia Mosquito Repellent Killer is a great choice for summer to get rid of all those annoying mosquitos. It’s portable, compact and it even looks stylish. 

Product Features:
– One-Button Operation: Powering for 10 hours
– It has an auto power-off mode after 10 hours
– It is very quiet to ensure that you have a good night sleep.
– A single repellent tablet covers a 28 square meters space.
– The fan driver can promote odour evaporation.
– No need to plug it in
– It is powered by AA batteries (not included)
– It has an indicator light that flashes to show you the working status of the tablet.

Product: Mijia Mosquito Repellent Basic Version
Material: ABS+PP
Colour: White
Rated Voltage: 3.0V
Rated Power: 0.06W
Product Weight: Approx. 133g
Product Size: 9.65 x 9.65 x 5.27cm

Indicator status:
Normal work – Green light is on
Timing mode -Flashing green light
Low battery – Flashing red light
Insufficient repellent – Orange light flashes
Insufficient power and repellent – Orange and red light flashes

One-button synchronization mode, automatic shutdown is not wasted
Power On: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on.
Turn on Timer Mode: Press the power button twice to turn on the LED backlight from 10 o’clock timer mode.
Auto shut off: after 10 hours of turning on the time mode, the time mode is automatically turned off.

What’s in the box
1 x Mosquito Repellent
1 x Tablet



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