Mini Water-Resistant Portable Collapsible LED Lantern Torch


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Energy Efficient, 360 Degree Illumination, Collapsible


The Lumina compact, lightweight and collapsible
lantern is ideal for home and outdoor use.


This collapsible lantern offers ultra-bright light and
energy efficiency using COB (chips on board) LED’s. The water-resistant plastic
cover is perfect for use when camping, travelling, hiking, cycling,
backpacking, fishing or simply for use in your home or office especially during
load shedding.


The innovative
construction and design make using this lantern a breeze. Simply open and close
to switch it on and off. Collapse it and fold the handles away and you have a
compact lantern that is as easy to store as it is to use.

-360 degree LED illumination
-Versatile indoor and outdoor use
-Durable and sturdy

-Water-resistant plastic cover

-Collapsible and lightweight design

-Portable and compact
-Stainless steel handles

– Ultra-bright 200 lumens


Easy to Operate

Simply open and close the lantern
to switch it on and off.

Portable and Space Saving

This LED lamp is conveniently
collapsible, compact and portable. The stainless-steel foldaway handles allow
you to carry the lantern by hand or hang the lantern where needed.

Energy Efficient
Having COB LED’s inside this lantern as a light source ensures that the light,
is not only effective but also efficient as minimal battery power will be used.
This means that you do not have to change the batteries as often as other products
currently on the market.


Versatile Use

This COB LED lantern can be used
for camping, fishing, reading, roadside repairs, power outages or even general
car maintenance. Simply use the stainless-steel handles to hang it where
convenient or place it beside you for optimal light exposure.
This light is the perfect aid to add to any Emergency Kit you have in your home
or car.


Lumens: 200

3x AAA Batteries (not included)
source: 30 x COB LED

Modes: 1 (NO / off)
Switch type: Push-Body


8.5 x
12.5cm (Collapsed)
8.5 x 18.8cm (Extended)



1.Do not shine the light directly into people’s eyes.
2.This product is water-resistant under daily use and can be used in rainy/wet
conditions however is must not be submerged into a water source.


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