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StyleberryMakeup Double Sided Colour Removal Sponge


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Use the same makeup brush with different colours in one use

The Styleberry Colour Removal Sponge allows you to use the same brush with different eyeshadow colours in one use, which means you don’t have to use different brushes for different eyeshadows. Just glide the brush against the surface of the sponge to remove and then switch colours. The sponge is 2 sided & completely reusable.

-Quickly removes colour
-Conveniently switch colours
-Suitable for all makeup brushes
-Compact in size means it can fit in any bag
-Double-sided so can be reused

Efficient, safe and reusable
The excess powder will drop into the activated carbon filter in the metal tin. No liquid or soap, no more chemicals on your brush or contacting your skin. Both sides of the black sponge are usable, flip the sponge and use both sides before washing!

Conveniently switch colours
You can easily switch colours when applying your makeup. Instead of just applying one shade, you can apply three.

Suitable for all make up brushes
It is suitable for any kind of makeup brush – concealer, brow, blending, foundation, are just examples.

Compact size
The compact is approx. 7.62cm in diameter and approx. 40g in weight, making it lightweight and portable. It can be taken and used anywhere – home, office, party.

How to use?
1. Apply makeup as per usual.
2. When you need to switch colours or clean the brush, just rub the brush on the sponge.
3. The brush is now clean, and you will find the colour is removed!

How to clean?
1. Remove sponge from compact, and rinse with warm, soapy water. A disinfecting brush cleaner can also be used.
2. Use a paper towel to absorb water from the surface, and then let it dry naturally.
3. Place sponge back in the compact and let it wait for the next performance.

Discontinue use of product if irritation on skin or eyes occurs.

Sponge Material: ACTi carbon scrubbing silicone
Product dimension: 8cm x 3cm
Package weight: 40g

What’s in the box
1x Styleberry Colour Removal Sponge


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