Makeup Brush Silicone Cleaning Mat


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This Styleberry Brush Cleaning Mat is the best way to keep your brushes in pristine condition that is clean and free from germs. This mat eliminates every last trace of product build-up without compromising the brush fibres. Simply wash, rinse & refine the fibres before laying the brush out to dry.

✔️BPA free
✔️7 different textures
✔️Easy to clean
✔️Easy to carry

Easy to Use
Simply pour some cleaning solution on the cleaning pad, gently move your brush on the cleaning pad, then rinse the brush off. This mat is thick and durable making it longer lasting than other cleaning pads currently the market.

Back Suction Cup Design
With seven suction cups on the base that ensure strong adsorption force that can be directly applied to almost any surface

Versatile Textures
This mat has 7 different textures making it suitable for thorough cleaning of various facial and eye makeup brushes.

Silicone Material
Made from food-grade environmentally friendly silicone that is BPA free and non-toxic. The soft and durable textures will thoroughly clean but not damage your brushes.

Cleaning Mat Benefits
Regular cleaning of your makeup brushes can help maintain a healthy face. Professionals recommend cleaning your brushes at least once or twice a month. Regular cleaning of your makeup brushes can also extend the life of the brush.

Size Approx: 22,5 x 16,5 cm
Material: High quality silicone

How to use the brush cleaner:
1.Wet the Bristles of your Brush
2.Pour some cleaning solution on the Cleaning Pad
3.Gently move your Brush on the Cleaning Pad in a circular motion – loosening the build-up
4.Repeat until the brush(es) is clean
5.Rinse the brush(es) off
6.Lay the brush(es) flat to dry
What’s in the box:
1x Silicone Brush Cleaner Pad

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