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Magnetic Alphabet Fishing Game


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Creative, Educational, Natural wood, Easy to play

This game is designed to challenge, educate and keep your kids entertained by promoting their curiosity, confidence and self-esteem than fishing for the alphabet.

Creative multi-play design lets kids fish and search for their letters with their magnets and hook fish.
Early development combo means they enhance their colour and pattern recognition and improves hand-eye coordination
Enhances parent-child intimacy by building close interaction and communication
Made from natural wood means that the blocks are environmentally friendly, and the magnetic fish are non-toxic

Early education and development
Learn about sea life, the letters of the alphabet, colours, patience and problem-solving. The magnetic wooden fishing game is an excellent creative and engaging teaching tool that can help develop your children’s hand-eye coordination skills, as well as their motor and logical thinking skills.

Magnetic Dot Doll
Kids can easily catch the colourful fish by using the strong magnet at the end of the fishing rod supplied with the board game.

Fishing Fun
Challenging enough to keep kids three and older entertained, yet easy enough to promote confidence and self-esteem. Parents can join in the fun and nurture the bond between parent and child.

Quality Craftsmanship
Quality craftsmanship ensures that both children and adults alike will enjoy this game for years to come. The non-toxic paints, brightly coloured heat-printed illustrations, sturdy wooden construction, and rounded edges are lightweight and harmless. The colourful artwork adds to the fun and learning with many appealing details to identify, count, and discuss.

Vocabulary Learning
Parents prepare a simple word for their children, and they would need to find the corresponding letters in the fishing game. The one who completes the most words within 5 minutes wins. It can help kids practice their spelling skills and help them recognise words faster.

Easy Storage
After playing, store the pieces inside the wooden game board for easy storage. Get your children to pack the blocks away. Doing so will encourage them to get into the habit of tidying up after themselves and packing their toys away.

How to Play?
1. Use the doll magnet to search and pull fish out from underneath the iced lake.
2. Place all wooden fish on the fishing pond or the ground. Teach your child to catch a fish by dangling the fishing pole near the fish to catch it and take the fish off the line.
3. Children can take turns catching fish and competing with their friends to see who makes the biggest catch.

Product dimensions: 10 x 10 x 3cm
Item weight: 350g
Recommended age: 3 years and up

What’s in the box:
1x Wooden Play Board (Ice lake + ocean scenes)
26x Alphabet Fish (all letters included)
1x Fish storage bag
2x Fishing rods
1x Cat Doll with magnet
1x Colourful Packaging with Game Instructions

Warning: small parts could be a choking hazard


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