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Kitchen Cabinet Turntable and Snack Organizer


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In stock


Easy-access to your things
360 degrees rotation
Durable materials


Easy access to cleaning supplies under your sink, or bathroom supplies.. even food in the kitchen!

The easy-glide, revolving storage space maximizes cabinet space and keeps kitchens organized and tidy.

It’s great for countertops, under the sink, laundry rooms, pantries, garages and more! This handy non-slip turntable keeps everything you need within easy reach. Its higher-than-normal raised rim also prevents items from falling off the turntable.

Organize Your Kitchen
Organizing your stuff in the pantry has never been easier! This Lazy Susan turntable ensures that you are able to store all your spices and various other pantry staples easily and efficiently. You can use this in your kitchen, pantry, refrigerator, or even bathroom cabinets.

Revolving Storage
This large Lazy Susan turntable is a revolving device which means that you can simply rotate it to get to the item you need. This makes it easy to use in all the areas of your house but especially in the refrigerator or that corner cupboard with the minimal space.

No More Falling
This turntable comes with a higher-than-average rimmed edge to ensure that your items do not fall off the turntable. This Lazy Susan kitchen accessory makes sure that your items on the turntable remain safe while you’re turning it.

Non-Skid Surface
The turntable has a non-skid surface to ensure that your items don’t fall or slip easily. This non-skid surface is moulded onto the platform for durability and is very easy to clean and maintain.

What’s in the box:

1x Non-Skid Lazy Susan Turntable


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