ILIFE V5s Pro 2 in 1 Cleaning Robot


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The ILIFE V5s Pro Cleaning Robot is an automatic 2 in 1 vacuuming robot, that vacuums and damp mops your floors without you having to lift a finger, now isn’t that a dream come true…

Product Features:

Max Mode:
Max mode increases the suction, which collects hair, shavings, powders and dirt easily and efficiently. (Normal mode can clean up to 100-120 minutes, Max mode up to 60-80 minutes)

Protect Furniture:
Front obstacle sensors with TPU bumper let V5s Pro avoid barriers and protect your furniture

Automatic Charging:
Automatically docks and recharges when power is low, and it is always ready to clean.

Continuous Cleaning:
Larger road over wheels with self-rescue technology freedom goes over uneven flooring. Barrier-cross for a height of 10mm max, while climbing for 15 degrees.

4 Cleaning Modes:
Auto clean – automatically cleaning randomly
Spot clean-deep cleaning on a special dirty area.
Edge clean- clean along the wall sides, focus on corner/wall side cleaning.
Scheduling clean-preset the time you want V5s Pro to run, which allows it to clean when you are asleep or go out

Anti-drop Sensors:
A suit of cliff sensors keep the robot from falling off stairs

Slim Body:
Around 76mm slim body allows the robot to clean the bottom of the sofa/the bed easily

I-Dropping technology:
Intelligent control water tank brings an auto damp mopping spa for hard floors only (wood, tile, marble, laminate). Makes mopping more efficient and reliable.

– 2600mah Li-ion battery provides a long working time up to 120 min, finish its work easily

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