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Glitter Gel Nail Polish Set of 12 – Rainbow


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Gel polish has to be cured under a UV or LED lamp. This
pack offers vibrant colours and lustre while lasting much longer than normal
nail polish. No more chipping or peeling…just gorgeous longer-lasting nails.


What Is Gel Nail Polish?

Regular nail polish dries when exposed to air. Gel polish
will dry only under direct UV or LED light.

When cured under a lamp, gel polish dries harder and
glossier which makes it more durable than regular nail polish.


How Long Does Gel Polish Last?

With the best gel nail polish, a gel manicure typically
lasts for up to 21 days. After this time, the natural growth of your nails may
cause the polish to start lifting.



Long-lasting gel nail polish set that will not chip or
flake. Fade-resistant, flexible, glittery and hard-wearing.



Eco friendly and safe ingredients are used to make this
gel polish. It has minimal odour and will not hurt or harm your nails and skin.


The kit includes 12 colours of glitter gel nail


Please note: A UV Lamp, Base Coat, Top Coat and a Nail
brush are required to apply this product.


Brand Name: ROSALIND
Name: Rainbow Glitter Gel
Tub Capacity: 5ml
Colour Options: 12
Curing Required? : Yes – UV / LED lamp


1.Shape the nails – Gently polish the surface of the nail
and disinfect.
2.Apply a layer of Base Coat from the cuticle to the free edge (remember to
seal the edge of the nail). Put the nail under the UV LED light for 30
seconds or normal UV light for 2 minutes.
3.Apply a thin layer of Gel polish paint –  Curing: 30 seconds under LED
light, 2 minutes under UV light.
4.Repeat the second layer of Gel polish – Cure for 30 seconds under LED light,
or 2 minutes under UV light.
5.Apply the Topcoat –  Curing: 30 seconds under LED light, or 2 minutes
under UV light.
6.Use acetone to remove sticky residue on or around nails. Then apply
nourishing cuticle oil to add moisture to the cuticle and the skin around the

To Remove
1. Soak nails in warm Acetone for about 5 minutes. (Boiling water in a boil, a
smaller bowl of acetone inside the bowl, insert fingers(nails) into the bowl of
2. Gently peel off the nail polish from each nail, with the help of an orange
stick/cuticle pusher

Please Take Care
-Keep the container tightly sealed

-Store the Gel polish out of direct sunlight

-Please keep this product out of the reach of children



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