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Full Spectrum Phyto Dual Grow Lamp


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Clip on Clamp, 360° Rotation, Flexible Arms, USB Powered, 40 LED

Accelerate the growth of indoor
plants, seedlings, flowers, foliage and succulents with this adjustable grow
lamp that assists in every stage of development

-Sturdy Clamp with Soft pad

-360°rotation Flexible Gooseneck
-9 Dimmable Level
-Heat Dissipation
-3 light modes – Blue, Red and Blue&Red
-40 LEDs (26 RED and 14 Blue)

3 Modes & 9 Dimmable Level

This LED dual grow lamp has 9
dimmable levels of brightness to adjust the grow light intensity for different
stages of plant growth. This light allows you to modify the mode and adjust the
grow light to meet different plants’ needs. You can turn on/off and change the
grow light intensity for each arm individually, giving you the freedom to use
this light for more than 1 plant.

Full Spectrum

This grow light has both Red &
Blue LEDs which will give off a targeted spectrum range from 450nm to 660nm.

Red Light (660nm)

The Red light promotes
photosynthesis, germination and which is good to ensure that your flower blooms
and/or your plant bears fruit. Additionally this Red light can encourage stem
rooting and carbohydrate accumulation.

Blue Light440nm

The Blue light can encourage the
formation of chlorophyll and absorption of carotenoids. The light can also
delay the aging process of plants, and improve the colour of your plants –
brighter colour means a healthy plant.

Red & Blue Light

The Red&Blue light combination can promote overall healthy growth of
your plant. Using these 2 lights together provides a more effective light which
could be essential to solving issues such as small roots, yellow leaves
and immature green fruit.

Sturdy & Flexible Neck

This Lumina Grow light with 360-degree flexible gooseneck and clamp
allow you to adjust the angle and distance between the lamp and plants meaning
a more efficient illumination light for more plants at the same time.

The anti-slip clamp is sturdy enough to firmly hold an extended position
for the best coverage around the plants, which allows this grow light to be
placed anywhere in your home or office.


Heat Dissipation

This grow light has high-density aviation aluminium which easily
dissipates the heat and aids to a low power consumption.


Auto On/Off & Timing Function
This LED Grow Light has an automatic timing function however it can be programmed
with the 3/9/12H timer setting(also has memory function) . Once set the light
needs no further manual operation meaning it can be left on when you are on
holiday or leaving the office for a weekend.


Eco-Friendly & Easy to Use

This dual lamp is Mercury-free with no UV or IR which means there is no
harm to the environment or your family.
The LED growing light has a USB connector plug with an attached control switch
which makes it convenient to connect and use, anywhere in your home or office.



No: CG-TH40
Material: Plastic and Aluminium

Input Voltage: 5VDC
Working R/T: -20~50°C G.W: 0.5KG
Grow Bar Length: 265mm

Power: 40W | 110v
LED: 40 (SMD LED 26 x 660Red | 14 x Blue)

Lifespan: 50,000hrs
Use: Indoor use only
Product Size: 115 x 700mm

Package Size: 290 x 100 x


What’s in the box?

1x Lumina Full
Spectrum Phyto Dual Grow Lamp
1x USB Cable (Control Switch attached)
1x User Manual



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