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Faux Leather Multifunction Portable Mirrored Jewellery Box


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3 Removable drawers, Elegant design, Durable quality

This Styleberry jewellery organiser is a perfect storage holder for all your jewellery accessories, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and other pieces. It keeps them well organised, dust-free, and protects rings from oxidation. The large built-in mirror in the lid makes it easier to dress yourself.

A faux leather cover which is water-resistant and easy to clean
Soft lining inside protects your jewellery from being tarnished
Varying sections cater to different sized jewellery items
Multiple drawers making it easy to gain access to and choose your items
Foldable grooves for easy storage of rings
Swing-out cabinets keeps necklaces or long earrings from tangling
Removable drawers allows for storage of larger items easier
Lock and key to keep your jewellery safe
Portable and convenient for travelling

Elegant and distinctive design
The jewellery organiser has been specially designed with automatic pull-out compartments so that your necklaces and longer earrings can dangle, preventing them from tangling. It’s a convenient way to keep all your jewellery items in one box and its design makes it visually attractive as a decorative piece in any room.

High quality Material
The jewellery box is made using the best quality faux leather for the cover, making it resistant to abrasion, water- and moisture-proof, environmental MDF and a soft velvet/flocking lining that prevents jewellery from being scratched, marred and from oxidation. The quality latch provides an extra sense of security, and a mirror on the inside makes it easy to match your jewellery choices. The materials are also lead-free.

Flocking inner fabric
The jewellery box is lined with flocking lining, which is soft to the touch, skin-friendly and ensures little to no oxidation of your jewellery items.

Large cosmetic mirror
The mirror encased in the lid of the organiser makes for those quick make-up touch ups, or to mix and match your accessories for the perfect look.

Swing-out cabinets
The two side panels swing out to reveal a double hanging space for your necklaces or extended-length earrings, with small covered hooks at the top.

Foldable wavy ring grooves
The soft, elasticated, wavy grooves ensure no deformation of your rings.

Different-sized sections
The tray at the top can be re-assembled to meet your jewellery needs.

Removable drawers
The first drawer can store bracelets, the second drawer can store brooches or pendants and the third drawer has small pillow to store oversized items, such as watches. The drawers also have removable inners, which can be adjusted to any other items you’d like stored away.

Studded earring slots
Four studded-earring trays for storage of the more delicate items, such as diamante or pearl studs. Trays can be disassembled for additional storage.

Metal hinges
Automatic rise and close functionality making necklace or earring selections easier. The lid has a ribbon attached to keep it from falling back.

Portable for travel
When the jewellery organiser is closed, the grab-and-go handle at the top makes it portable and the organiser can be placed in the boot of your car when going on holiday or business trips. The rectangle-shaped lock made with electroplating hardware is firm and reliable and adds a sense of security for your items.

Keep your jewellery safe with a lock and key

Securing your jewellery box
• Place key gently into the slot
• Rotate the key 360˚ to unlock
• Press the elasticated strip to open
• To lock, slip the cover back into its slot
• Rotate the key 360˚ to lock
• Remove key

Product dimensions:

Mirror 15cm x 8.5cm

Top flip up section (for necklaces)
5 x with 3cm intervals

Swing-out necklace holders (longer length earrings or necklaces)
8 x 9cm with 3cm intervals

Top compartment side slots (everyday jewellery)
2 x 11.2cm x 5cm slots

Top compartment centre slot (studded earrings)
1 x 11cm x 8cm slot / re-assemble to 5 x 1.2cm x 8cm slots

Drawers 1 and 3 (for bracelets and watches)
11,5cm x 11cm each

Drawer 2 (for brooches and pendants)
1 X 11.5cm x 11cm slot / re-assemble to 4 x 5.5cm x 5.4cm slots

Foldable ring drawer
9cm x 6.3cm
7x waves for rings

Colour: Cherry blossom powder pink
Product Dimensions: 26.5cm x 18.5cm x 19.5cm
Weight: 2.1kg
Fabric Type: Faux Leather, Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), Velvet Lining

What’s in the box:
1x Styleberry Faux Leather Multifunction Portable Mirrored Jewellery Box
1x Key

Note: jewellery pieces and accessories are not included.


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