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Cordless Skipping Jump Rope


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✔ Get a full workout, exercising all parts of the body.
✔ A portable skipping rope you can take anywhere.
✔ Features non-slip, comfortable foam handles. 
✔  Perfect for home workouts with far less space needed.

“ Literally game-changing!! ”

Struggling to find the time or space in your busy life to workout?

Get in shape with Athleum Sports with our new cordless skipping rope. This high-quality rope will stand out due to its functionality, efficiency, and innovative design. Ideal for improving your shape and fitness!

Avoid trips, knocks, or falls

An original skipping rope that is ideal for getting fit and exercising while avoiding trips, knocks, or falls. It enables continuous, faster, safer, and more effective activity without interruptions.

Perfect for a full workout exercising all parts of the body.

The skipping rope has steel bearings with a 360-degree soft rotation, non-slip handles, and balls with adjustable cables that can be easily adapted to any length required.

It can be used indoors and outdoors as it occupies little space, compared to a typical skipping rope. It is easy to transport and store so that it can be used anywhere. Ideal for doing sports at home, in the office, gym, park, etc.

Material: PVC, PP, Rubber
Innovative and functional design
Steel bearings: 360-degree rotation
Smooth rotation
Non-slip handles
Balls with adjustable cable length
Indoor and outdoor use
Easy to use, light, and handy
Takes up a small amount of space
Easy to transport and store

Handle material: PP rubber
Cord material: PVC
Ball material: EVA
Handle size: 35x135mm
Rope size: 8x35cm
Ball size: 70mm
Weight: 230g

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