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Back Stretching Yoga Wheel – 33cm


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Perform perfect backbends & release muscle tension in your back, shoulders & hips in ways you didn’t know that could be so fun.

Use the Athleum Sports Yoga Wheel to safely perform various amounts of hip and leg stretches. Massage and stretch those tight muscles in your hips, thighs and hamstrings. Feel the powerful stretching effects of the yoga wheel within just minutes of use.


ELEVATE YOUR PRACTICE: Considered to be the best back opener & stretcher you could have, this yoga wheel will open you up to new sequences & forms.

DURABLE: Able to withstand 250kg! Lower quality yoga wheels are made of PVC – which is not safe or durable! Our yoga wheel does not flex unlike cheaper competitor products so you can perform backbends and poses with ease, safety, and support.

ULTIMATE COMFORT: Our yoga wheel features the thickest padding available. It’s superior quality & design cushions your palms, feet, and back providing a remarkable sense of comfort.

SWEAT-RESISTANT: Our padding helps prevent moisture accumulation and is made of specialized TPE padding to help fight off musky perspiration scents.

Weight Limit: 250 kg
Size: 33cm x 14 cm
Padding: 8 mm thick
Frame: PP and TPE Material
Weight: 1.2kg



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