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Baby Bottle Warmer and Steriliser


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The Mooki Baby Bottle Warmer and Steriliser is a multi-functional smart baby bottle warmer that defrost breast milk, heat baby food and formula, and defrost, sterilize, and even boil eggs. It saves you time and makes your life easier to focus on important things like cuddles and quality time.

-Fast heating and defrosting function
-Conveniently holds 2 bottles simultaneously
-24 Hour temperature control system
-High-Temperature Cycle Disinfection
-Easy to Use
-Silent so you can use it at night
-Auto-off protection
-Smart touch screen with digital display
-BPA free food grade material

Fast heating and defrosting
The baby milk warmer warms milk fast, heats baby food, defrosts, and steams milk bottles. The milk heater adopts a water bath and steam heating technology to preserve those precious and hard-fought nutrients to meet your infants daily formula feeding needs. With an advanced intelligent system, the warmer heats bottles more evenly and less time. A 240ml milk bottle at 4˚C takes as little as 4 minutes to reach 37˚C.

24 Hour Thermostat
The automatic temperature system keeps a consistent pre-set temperature for up to 24 hours, making this warmer the perfect accessory for you and your baby.

High-temperature cycle disinfection
Protect your baby from malignant germs and harmful bacteria. The high-temperature steam sterilizer reaches up to 100˚C and effectively kills 99.99% of the bacteria on baby bottles.

Easy to Use
The baby milk warmer has an LCD screen and touch buttons. You select the function button to select the feature, click + or – to adjust the targeted temperature or steam time. You can use the timer function to warm breast milk perfectly for your baby without rushing. This bottle warmer is easier to clean than most, and you clean it using distilled vinegar and water in a 4:1 ratio to ensure the warmer works effectively.

The Mooki Baby Bottle Warmer and Steriliser does the following:
 Warms milk to 45°C
 Breastmilk defrost at 55°C
 Warms formula to 75°C
 Sterilizes bottle at 100°C

What’s in the box:
1x Bottle Warmer
1x Cover
1x Disinfection rack
1x Bottle clip
1x Brush
1x Nipple sponge
1x Bottlebrush sponge
1x Manual



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