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8 Slot Plate And Lid Organiser Storage Rack


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Versatile, Space Saving, Stylish, Durable Design

Clear up precious cupboard space with the Maisonware Lid Organiser and Plate Rack. This rack organises your lids, plates and baking sheets with ease. Made of sturdy steel coloured as satin nickel, its clean design will add a modern touch to your home.

-Eight dividers neatly organize your cookware lids, plastic containers, plates, baking sheets or office files and folders
-Easily fits on shelves inside cupboards
-Sturdy construction

Stylish Organisation
Nine vertical rungs create eight storage spaces for your dishes. The clean, angular, geometric design and modern finish add style to your kitchen organising system. Extend your kitchen décor into your cabinets or display your decorative dishware on countertops for a unique touch. The organiser is weighted enough that it won’t tip when removing items, yet light enough to easily move around.

Organise your cabinets
Secure your dishes, bakeware, pots, pans and lids in this handy organiser. The cookware and dish rack will hold items such as plates, pots, pans, lids, bakeware, cookie sheets and more neat in your cabinet or on full display on your countertop. The rungs separate the items to quickly grab the pan or lid you need without disrupting the stack.

Versatile Storage
Save space in cabinets by utilising it either horizontally or vertically. Stand the organiser up on the short end and stack pots, pans, lids, muffin tins, cake pans and more. Make it easy to grab what you need to make dinner or whip up a batch of cookies without moving stacks of baking sheets or pots. It can also be used to store binders, notebooks, hold electronics while charging and prop up reusable bags while drying. With 5cm between rungs, you can store a variety of items to make your home more orderly.

Easy Care
For durability and strength, the organiser is made from steel. To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth and towel dry. Wipe down as needed to remove dirt residue.

Holder size: 11.43cm x 34,29cm x 10.8cm
Slot width: 5cm
Weight: 662.25g
Material: Steel
Colour: Satin Nickel
Mounting Type: Countertop

What’s in the box:
1x Maisonware 8 slot plate organiser



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