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500pc Nail Tips and DIY Nail Gel Kit With 3W UV Lamp


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Perfect for professional or home use, Styleberry’s nail tips and gel glue set features a UV/LED lamp to ensure your tips are ready to go and salon-quality.

-500+ Artificial Nail Tips
-2-in-1 base gel and nail glue
-Break-resistant and strong gel formula
-Portable UV Lamp

500+ Artificial Nail Tips
Extend your nails in under 4 minutes and enjoy showing them off. With 10 different sizes, there is a suitable size for every finger.

2-in-1 Base gel and nail glue
The dual-purpose nail gel can be used as a nail tip adhesive and a base gel.

Break-resistant and strong
Extend your nails in a mere 4 minutes and show them off for more than 21 days. Our developed formula glue gel provides break-resistant support to your extended nails.

Portable UV Lamp
Our mini 3W LED curing lamp is portable and compact. Conveniently powered by USB, it can be used anywhere and offers a service life of 50000 hours.

Easy to apply
1. Apply nail glue on the nail tip.
2. Place the nail tip on the nail from the back edge to the front, lightly press to expel the bubbles.
3. Cure under a UV/LED lamp.
4. Cut off the nail tip to the desired length and gently file the edge.
5. Apply the colour gel and topcoat, cure for 60-90 seconds.
6. DONE! Lasts for 21+ days.

Tips to avoid chipping and peeling off
1. Use a nail strengthener (after the base coat) for an extra layer of strength. The softer the nail, the easier it will peel.
2. Use a nail file/nail prep dehydrator (before basecoat) to ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free.
3. Avoid the skin and cuticle area; otherwise, it will be easy to peel off.
4. The thinner, the better when it comes to applying all the steps. If it’s too thick, it could wrinkle easily and peel off.

What’s in the box?
504 x Nail tips
1x 15ml Nail Glue
1x UV/LED Nail Lamp

Warning: Ensure all bottles/tubes are tightly sealed. Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. May cause an allergic reaction if in contact with skin.


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