3D Magnetic False Eyelashes Set of 5 With Eyelash Applicator


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 Waterproof & safe to use
Looks completely natural!
 Ultra easy to apply
High-quality synthetic fibers


How Does It Work?

The eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles to ensure strong holding power. 

Step 1: Shake the eyeliner before use

Step 2: Apply eyeliner and wait for it to dry (1 minute)

Step 3: Using the tool, pick up the eyelash

Step 4: Place the eyelash and adjust position to your ideal look

Boom, you’re now Beyonce’

No Glue, No Fuss, Just Beautiful Eyeliner and Show Stopping Lashes.

Presenting a new, revolutionary way to wear lashes without limits. These game-changing magnetic liner and lash system makes lash application effortless. No glue, no fuss, just beautiful eyeliner and show-stopping lashes.

Powerful Magic Eyelashes and Eyeliner 

Each eyelash in this set is equipped with 5 powerful magnets, and the eyeliner itself has ultra-fine magnetic particles to ensure strong holding power. These eyelashes can be easily attached to the eyelids and can be worn all day long without becoming loose. Each eyelash can be trimmed to fit the width of the buyer’s eyes.

Safe and comfortable 

These high-quality magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner are non-toxic and safe to use.  No glue, no latex, no allergies. Exceptionally comfortable and safe to wear every day.

Long-lasting and Reusable

The magnetic eyeliner is durable and waterproof, so you won’t need to worry that it will run on rainy days or during exercise. These magnetic eyelashes can be re-used if stored correctly which means effectively avoiding waste and ensuring these are eco-friendly.

3D Natural Eyelashes 

The magnetic eyelashes are made of high-quality synthetic fibre that will naturally highlight your eyes.  This set offers 5 different styles of eyelashes which can give you a natural every day look, a muted sexy lure or show-stopping lashes for whatever occasion.

      What’s in the Box? 

      • 5x Pairs Of Black Magnetic Eyelashes
      • 2x Black Magnetic Eyeliners
      • 1x Eyelash Applicator


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