3D Face Mask Support Frames 5 Piece & Adjustable Ear Strap Kit


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Be more comfortable and confident wearing your mask. This kit will help you breathe easier, be more comfortable, reduce glasses fog, and protect your makeup.

Product Features

Premium Material: The face frame support bracket is made from food-grade silicone material which is soft, comfortable, and gentle to the skin

Your Makeup Saver: Support space around the mouth and nose, excellent lipstick protector protection, do not stick lipstick, avoiding your makeup being disrupted

Reduces Glasses Fog: Reduce fog when wearing glasses so you are able to see better

Helps Breathing: With the comfortable 3D design it keeps fabric directly off the mouth and nose to create more breathing space and reduce wetness and stuffiness

Easy to Use: Simply use the little clips to secure the frame in place. 

Includes Adjustable Ear Bracket: Wearing a mask for a long time can easily hurt your ears and causing ear swelling. With our adjustable ear strap extender, you will no longer worry about hurting your ears because its soft and comfortable which can relieve ear pain, redness, and discomfort caused by the mask.

Modifiable The breathing bracket can be modified by cutting the brim with scissors

Convenient: Palm-size, easy to put it into your pocket when you go out, and does not take up space.

Re-usable: The face frames are washable and reusable

Comfortable: The ergonomic design can be used for different facial shapes and is gentle on the skin.

Colour: White
Material: Food-grade plastic
Item Size: 10.3 x 8.5x 3.3cm
Item Weight: 8g

Instructions for use:
1. Aim the bracket at the inner crease of the mask;
2. Pinch and stretch the mask;
3. Wear your mask.

What’s in the box

5x 3D Mask Frames
1x Adjustable Ear Bracket

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