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258 Piece Childrens Art Set Carry Case


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This 258 Piece Art Set overflows with colour and creativity. Encourage Imagination and Learning Development with this portable and secure art kit. Make use of the markers, pencils and oil pastels and various other accessories and watch your child become an artist wherever they go.

Product comes with 

48x Colour Pencils
48x Marker Pens
48x Fine Liner Pens
60x Oil Pastels
24x Water Colour Pencils
18x Water Colour Paints
3x Paint Brushes
1x Water Bottle
1x Palette
3x HB Pencil
2x Erasers
2x Sharpeners

Turn Your Child Into an Artist – By using the included items to colour or draw whatever they think, they will also form new hobbies and develop the skills they can bring to future art projects.

Encourage Imagination and Learning Development – Art and creative work are good for children because they enhance their imagination and develop healthy study habits. Let your children draw or write down anything they think of to foster imagination and increase creativity.

Easy to Transport – This set comes with a plastic carrying case for easy transport and with a designated compartment for each item it will be easy everything neat and tidy anytime, anywhere.

Versatile – This carry case can be widely used in painting, illustrations, design, sketching, posters, murals, portraits, comics, synthesis and collage. This set is perfect for school classrooms, day-care, restaurants, doctor’s offices, hair salons, etc.


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